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Unit4 has teams worldwide, delivering a better People Experience for our customers. Here’s what we do in Austria to support organizations in the business of helping people.

About us

We have many years’ experience of working with people-centered organizations across Austria, both as an innovative, locally focused team and as a core part of Unit4’s global organization.

Trusted by organizations that serve people

Together with our partners, we serve customers across our region from our offices in Germany and Austria, delivering software solutions for people- and service-focused organizations that free their people to focus on more meaningful, high-value work.

This means considerable labor and time savings for HR administrations, both in the annual financial statements in the personnel and finance area and in determining the planned values for the future.

Wolf-Dietmar Kohlstedt

Teamleiter PMS Personalmanagementsystem, Evangelisch-Lutherische Landeskirche Hannovers

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We Partner with the Best

We pride ourselves on working with a wide range of partners who either add value to our solutions or whose solutions we can complete. This is how we deliver new and existing customers additional benefits and perfectly tailored business applications.

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