Manager Sales Healthcare

Manager Sales Healthcare

Country: The Netherlands
Office: Hengelo, Sliedrecht, Utrecht
Business area: Management, Sales

You currently have a job as Manager Sales in the Healthcare industry, selling Business Software or Enterprise Solutions in the Netherlands. Your most important responsibility is to ensure you have happy existing (80%) and new customers (20%). As Manager Sales, you will not be doing this by yourself, as you will be working closely together with your team, which consists of 1 Account Manager New Business, 3 Account Managers Existing Business, 1 Sales Support Agent and 1 Sales Coordinator. Being a Team Manager, this also means you are responsible for their development (this also includes telling about your many great – mostly over the top – personal success stories) and career progression.

What will you do

In this job, as a Manager Sales you will convince existing customers to purchase new and additional modules and products by giving product demos and/or fact sheets about the new functionalities, pricing lists and most important how your customer’s business can even be more profitable, using our solutions. In this job you manage the full sales cycle, from making new customers enthusiastic about your solution portfolio (Unit4 Gezondheidszorg is your main solution) all the way up to coordinating the start of the implementation project.

Being the Manager Sales you will work with your manager OIav, who is responsible for our Healthcare business in the Benelux, and take great pleasure in closing deals together with new customers.

The job of Manager Sales also includes being responsible for creating and presenting reports, of which most you can run via our CRM application Think about forecasting reports, and also about resource allocation and planning.

Who you are

As Manager Sales you love interacting will be people, speaking with customers and also to your colleagues from departments such as Professional Services and Software Development. You also want to be informed about the issues your existing customers face, so having meetings with our Customer Service department is a recurring occurrence in your agenda.

You currently have or in the recent past had a similar job in another company in the Healthcare business, similar to Unit4, where you have similar responsibilities. You like getting the best out of your team, by being a leader, mentor and coach to them and know when to take which role. You want your team to progress their career within Unit4 and stimulate them to be creative, professional and customer focused.

You have experience with multiple applications, such as and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions. If you have previous experience with Unit4 Heathcare, prepare yourself for a jump start on your 1st working day.

You are always looking for new ways of using technology (i.e. apps, bots, Artificial Intelligence, API’s) to make the life your customers and their patients more easy and for this you are always up to date with the last trends and developments in the IT and Healthcare industry.

What we offer

You will work in an organization with a rich history, starting 38 years ago. This means there is much knowledge and expertise available where you can easily tap into, about the industry sectors we serve and sales methods. We believe we also have a very good understanding about what our customers need and how our solutions can make their business even more successful.

We offer a job as Manager Sales in an organization which is in continuous change, as the industry sectors we serve (Healthcare being the most important for this job) continuously requires us to provide new and smarter Business Software or Enterprise Solutions. This brings many opportunities for you and the people you work with. To keep you up to date with new technologies, our products and solutions, development in the Healthcare industry we provide you with various theoretical and practical training courses. Think about demos about new product release, online training to improve your competencies and skills, Sales kick-off events and much more.

Finally, you like being on the road as you will visit existing and new customers across the Netherlands and therefore we will provide you with a nice company car to make these as comfortable as possible. As Manager Sales you will receive a competitive salary package, which consists of a base salary and bonus. The pay-out of the bonus is determined by your personal and Unit4’s company results, which means the better the results are the higher your bonus will be. If you will be very successful, you will be invited to join the rest of our top performers at the annual Top Performer Event.

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